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Dear colleagues, students and readers!

The history of our university is closely related to the development and formation of our country’s economy. The main task of the University is not only training of competitive highly qualified specialties for the agrarian sector development, but also rapid implementation of scientific and technical progress in the conditions of entering into the world educational and scientific space.

The University is a leader of agrarian science, which created an outstanding scientific school with a pleiad of eminent scientists.During the implementation of collectivization in agriculture and establishment of first collective farms in Kazakhstan there was arose a demand in qualified specialists who would be able to manage agricultural production at a high level.

In 1929 according to the resolution of Council of Peoples Commissars of RSFSR there was organized Almaty Veterinary Institute and in 1930 –  Kazakh Agricultural Institute. Thereby there were formed two institutes.
In 1996 by the Order of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan two higher educational institutions were reorganized into Kazakh National Agrarian University.
In 2001 by the Resolution of President of Republic of Kazakhstan the University was given a special status of national high school, as a declaration its high scientific potential and services in training highly qualified specialists.
In 2010 Kazakh National Agrarian University celebrated its 80th anniversary up to the mark with the colleagues from different regions of Kazakhstan and near and far abroad countries. The President of our country Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev visited this occasion and gave his high opinion on the University activity.

Our university celebrated its anniversary with great achievements. During its activity the University has trained more than 135 thousand degreed specialties, who made and still making a great contribution to the development of agricultural sector of the country. Among them there are heroes of Soviet Union and Socialist Labor, deputies of Supreme Counsel of USSR and Parliament of Kazakhstan, academicians, laureates of State Award, eminent state and public figures, scientists, top managers of agro industrial complex establishments and others who glorified not only the university, but also the whole Kazakhstan.

85 years is a huge experience and rich history in development of any university, but nevertheless, I think that today we are standing on the threshold of great changes and enormous discoveries.

Today Bachelor, Master and PhD students and staff of the University have got an opportunity not only for training at leading universities of foreign countries, but also for traineeships in the best scientific centers and laboratories in order to improve their qualifications.
New law of RK «On Science», «State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020», changes and additions, bringing in law «On Education» became a real catalyst system promoting national universities and other leading universities to transformation into national research universities.

The main purpose of research university is integration of science and industry, creation of conductions for intellectual property and technology products commercialization, training highly qualified scientific - pedagogic staff through participation in basic and applied scientific researches and other scientific technical projects.

Today KazNAU has made real steps in that direction. University has concentrated its resources and has become the core of educational, scientific and innovative environment of the agrarian-industrial development that significantly affecting the country's competitiveness in that industry. For the realization of the industrial-innovation development program there are enabled high skilled regular personnel of scientific workers that includes academicians, doctors and candidates of science, doctors of Ph.D, and masters.

At the present time carrying out cooperation with 23 scientific research institutes of JSC “KazAgroInnovation” of the Ministry of Agriculture and with 6 scientific research institutes of the Ministry of Education and Science scientists achieved substantial results and introduced more than 80 implemented scientific elaborations in all regions of Kazakhstan. Scientists of our university take an active part in creating branch clusters, providing processing of agricultural production, diversification of production, import substitution of food products.

Currently the University is successfully integrating into the world scientific space, cooperating with leading foreign universities and scientific centers, realizing international programs on such global issues of humanity as climate change, environment protection, food safety, deficiency of drinking water and others.

High school of farmers which was established on the base of the University on international model “Extension” renders consulting and educational services for the managers and workers of agro industrial complex farms of our country.

As recognition of achievements of our staff in educational and scientific spheres they were awarded with orders, medals and state premiums. Among them there are chevaliers of Orders “Baris” of the second degree, “Parasat”,  “Kurmet”, “Honor sign”; owners of medals “Honored worker of education”, “For the merits in the development of science of RK”, “For tremendous work”, “Honored worker of Republic of Kazakhstan”.  Our scientists and leading teachers are the Laureates of А.I. Barayev and К.I. Satpayev Awards and owners of the title “The best teacher of the year”.

Currently there are carried out large-sized works among the student youth of the University. Our best students take prize places in different scientific conferences at republican and international levels. They are also became the champions in many kinds of sport in international competitions and owners of Olympic medals. It is a great achievement of our staff.

I would like to underline that I am a graduand of Kazakh National Agrarian University. The most important stages of my student life, labor and scientific activity are inseparably linked with native university. The main priority of our university is and will remain a training of high-qualified specialties and upbringing patriots of Motherland!

Dear applicants, I invite you to our Kazakh National Agrarian University.

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