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«Adaptive technologies of cultivation competitive oil-bearing crops in the conditions of an irrigation», project manager: academician NAS RK R. Eleshev, co-director professor A. Umbetov.
The adapted complex technologies of cultivation competitive nonconventional oil-bearing crops (flax olive, mustard, rape, safflower) in relation to conditions of the irrigated agriculture, the including complex of highly profitable, agrotechnical and agrochemical receptions are developed. The created technologies will provide rational use of irrigation water, preservation and reproduction of fertility of the soil; increase in productivity of oil-bearing crops and quality oil seeds.
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On the offered technology norms of seeding by 1,5 times, economy irrigation watering of water decrease by 20-30%; productivity increases by 20-25%, oil percentage for 3-5%, at simultaneous preservation of fertility soil.
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«Technology of use fertilizers new generation on crops soy at a drop irrigation»,  project manager: academician R. Eleshev, co-director professor A. Balgabayev.
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Fertilizers new generation – have a natural and synthetic basis and receive them by a completing  chlorophyll - peptide and proteinaceous connections with microcells (copper and zinc) which are favorably influencing soil microflora will mobilize elements of  fertility soils and increases efficiency of crops, including soy.
It is used in the form of 0,1%  water solution at preseeding processing of seeds against a drop irrigation of culture.
The recommended technology provides an additional grain yield of soy about 6-8 c/hectare, decrease in norms of  application  mineral fertilizer  by 1,5-2 times, receiving ecologically safe production, and also economy of irrigation water for 25-30%.

«Ridge technologies of cultivation winter wheat and soy on the irrigated lands of the South and the South-east of Kazakhstan», project manager: academician  AAS PK, professor T. Atakulov, co-director candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor K.Erzhanova.
The innovative technologies based on use of constant crests for cultivation  crops are created. The essence of technology is that the crests created at cultivation of grain crops are used within five and more years for direct crops of winter wheat, soy and other cultures, providing thereby preservation of fertility soil, rational use of land and water resources and decrease in material expenses.
Introduction of the project economy  irrigation water for 30-40% provides, decrease in norms of mineral fertilizers due to increase coefficient of their use; decrease in costs cultivation of crops and receiving an additional grain yield of wheat and soy of  5-7 c/hectare, when receiving additional profit 20-25 thousand тenge from 1 hectare of the irrigated arable land
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«Improvement, reproduction and introduction in production perspective grades of potatoes Kazakhstan selection», project manager: professor Apushev A.K., co-director professor Suleymenova S.E.
Virus-free mini tubers of potatoes are received, method klon  microreproduction and fulfilled the scheme primary seed farming for the accelerated and wide circulation in a zone of the irrigated agriculture.
The introduced technology allows receiving 110 c/hectare of an additional crop in comparison with traditional seed farming that provides 500,0 thousand тenge conditionally net income from one hectare. The received landing material pure from virus (diseases) pathogens, possesses a good couch at storage. Terms of introduction new high-yielding and qualitative grades potatoes of the Kazakhstan selection on a virus-free basis are reduced.
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«Innovative technologies of drying fruits, berries and vegetables in heliodryers», Project manager: candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor T.Tazhibayev, co-director candidate of technical sciences, associate professor M. Hazimov.
The new more mobile design of heliodrying providing the optimum temperature and air circulation at the expense of  solar energy, in exchange to high-energy-intensive technologies is created.
The technology  drying due to use solar energy reduces prime cost of fruit-berry cultures  by 18-20%, provides high their qualities increasing profit to 20-50 thousand thousand тenge /ton.
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«Innovative technologies cultivation of nonconventional high-proteinaceous forage crops for creation of the green conveyor», project manager: academician R. Eleshev, co-director associate professor S.Arystangulov.
The organization of  the green conveyor on the basis cultivation one-year and long-term nonconventional and traditional forage crops with simultaneous use of natural pastures. The offered technology provides an exit from 1 hectare of fodder grounds to 2,0-2,5 t fodder grain; 25,0-30,0 t green material; 1,5-2,0 t hay at the maintenance of  a digesting protein in green sterns not less than 100-110 gr/kg; decrease in cost of production of forages by 2,5-3 times.        
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Elements "green conveyor":
- set of the nonconventional forage crops;
- high-proteinaceous forage crops;
- cultivation one-year and long-term forage crops with simultaneous use of natural pastures;
- optimization structure seeding of agricultural cultures in a fodder wedge;
- agrotechnical methods of cultivation;
- system fertilizer of forage crops.


«Introduction of the production technology soon fetal, stress of steady landing material of fruit crops controlled quality», project manager: professor S.Oleychenko, co-director candidate of agricultural sciences M.Esenaliyeva.
Dutch technology in relation to conditions of the South, south-east of Kazakhstan including carrying out a winter inoculation, formation crown  soon  fetal of trees in nursery, and also cultivation of saplings with the closed root system is adapted. This technology will provide production soon  fetal, stress-resistant landing material of fruit crops with controlled quality.
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On the offered technology dates receipt a crop of  fruit crops in comparison with a traditional method it is reduced by 2 years, thus exit of quality products is provided.
«Technology cultivation of grapes according to the adapted еuropean model», project manager: professor S.Oleychenko.
European model cultivation of technical sorts of grapes in relation to soil climatic conditions South and south-east of Kazakhstan is adapted. A technology essence – introduction of  the new combined way formation of technical sorts of grapes, on the basis rationing quantity eyes and escapes, by cutting, fragments from the subsequent stamping of escapes.
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The new combined way provides a crop grapes technical sorts from 200 to 300 centners from 1 hectare, to the meeting requirements of state standard specification to wine grades, which at technological processing provides some elite Kazakhstan wines, to the meeting requirements European standard.

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