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The research activities of the University Regulations Catalog

Research scientists University had a great impact on the development of science and industry in all areas of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the 85-year history of the University, KazNAU scientists for the development of the agricultural sector of the country:

- To the state variety trials transferred more than 50 new varieties of agricultural and other crops;
- 16 developed and improved agricultural technologies for the cultivation of the main agricultural crops;
- Developed 15 technologies of processing and storage of agricultural products;
- 20 recipes of food and animal feed;
- Bred and tested 12 species, types and lines of agricultural animals and birds;
- Developed 14 technologies and feeding of farm animals, birds and fish;
- 50 vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutic drugs;
- 11 effective systems of machines and components harvesting equipment, wind, hydro, solar and biogas equipments;
- 20 scientifically substantiated systems of management of forest husbandry and recommendations on increasing of biological fire-prevention stability of pine cultures.

In the agricultural sector of the economy suggested recommendations:

- The formation of medium and large agricultural enterprises, integrated associations;
- Mechanisms to stimulate the efficient use of land and water resources and the formation of the market of social and economic infrastructure, agriculture, taking into account regional peculiarities and traditions of the population, improving the regulation of pricing and other regulators of development of agrarian economy;
- Developed the concept of the formation of an effective market system in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan's economy, serving as the basis for accelerated industrial-innovative development of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan.

To achieve high academic results as well as to provide services to agricultural producers and enterprises of engineering, processing and food industry formed an effective research infrastructure at the University, which includes:

- 7 research institutes;
- Kazakhstan-Japan Innovation Center;
- Kazakh-Korean Innovation Centre;
- Aquatic Centre;
- Research-Innovative and Education Center in the composition of which include technical microbiology laboratory; technology quality and food safety; physic-chemical and rheological properties of food; integrated soil and environmental analysis;
 - Sustainable Agriculture Center.
In the area of ​​integration of university cooperates and conducts joint research with foreign scientific institutions and research institutes of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the period of 2014-2016 years the following research projects carried out in partnership with foreign scientific institutions:

1. Turkey. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), on the project "Evaluation of the spread, species composition, and severity of sources of resistance to soil nematode and root rot of spring wheat in northern and central."
2. USA. Illinois University on the project "Improvement of integrated protection systems of apple scab (pathogen fungus - Venturia inaegualis Winter.) At its minimum state."
3. Latvia. Latvia University of Agriculture project "Effect of the residual amount from the standpoint of food safety of antibiotics in livestock products."
4. Poland. Polish Institute of Plant Protection on the project "New biotechnology for agriculture and medicine."
5. USA. University of North Dakota on the project "Intensification of vegetable production through the development of complex machines."
6. Italy. University of Florence on the project "Intensification of process of drying corn cob".
7. France.  French agricultural research and international cooperation organization  (CIRAD) on the project "Camel milk."
8. Bulgaria and Poland. Angila Ruskin University and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the field of energy saving and energy efficient technologies.
9. Slovenia. In the area of ​​pastoral water supply is carried out with the University of Ljubljana.
10. Hungary. To revive the draft Kipchak (Kazakh) gray cattle in the conditions of modern Kazakhstan.
A successfully performed joint research with:

1. Kazakh Research Institute of Livestock and fodder production on the project:
- "Development of selective process control system and its intensification in meat cattle breeding";
- "Development of selective process control system and its intensification in sheep and goat breeding";
- "Development of intensive technologies in beef cattle";
- "Development of intensive technologies in dairy cattle breeding";
- "Development of selective process control system and its intensification in dairy cattle breeding."
2. Kazakh Research Institute of Veterinary Institute on the project:
- "Development of epizootic indicators for the monitoring of especially dangerous, zooantroponoznyh and emergent infections (foot and mouth disease, rabies, disease Schmallenberg, byutang, anthrax) and the zoning of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the degree of tension of the epizootic situation."
3. Kazakh Research Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry after name U.Uspanova on the project:
- "Soil fertility and increase crop productivity short rotation of the rotary feed through integrated use of fertilizers and biological products, as well as effective methods of applying fertilizer containing sulfur, grain and forage crops.
4. Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry on the project:
- "Integrated economic assessment of forest resources and forest ecosystem services (for example, of Akmola region)."
5. Kazakh Institute of Agriculture and crop production on the project:
- "Agrobiological and land improvement techniques to improve degraded irrigated land south-east of Kazakhstan."
6. Kazakh Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture on the project:
- "Increasing productivity of intensive orchards and berry-based early appearance of fruit, stress stability seedlings corresponding to the European standards and produced using Knip-Baum techniques, Tray and Plug technology, drip irrigation design and unsupported spaces".
7. Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries on the project:
- "Ichthyopathological and microbiological evaluation of valuable fish species, farmed fish at baseline conditions."
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