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► KazNAU Repository http://repository.kaznau.kz
► The system of conferences management
► Scientific social networks
► Scientific journal “Research, results” http://izdenister.kaznau.kz

► The system of educational process management http://es.kaznau.kz
► Teachers Rankings http://reiting.kaznau.kz
► Distance Learning System http://do.kaznau.kz

► Graduate employment system http://es.kaznau.kz

► Employees Management System "1C-Staff"
► "1C-enterprise" system
► IT service http://itserv.kaznau.kz/

► Electronic dormitory http://kaznau.kz/campus
► Corporate mail https://post.kaznau.kz
► Social networks https://vk.com/kaznau1929, https://www.facebook.com/kaznau1929/
► Digital library http://kaznau.kz/library, http://lib.kaznau.kz
► Newspaper "Agrarian University" http://www.kaznau.kz/page/newspaper/

► Electronic flow of documents http://edoc.kaznau.kz/login
► Access control and accounting system http://skud.kaznau.kz

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