Academic mobility

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Academic Mobility – it is exchange of students and research teaching fellows to study or to conduct researches for particular academic period: semester or a year at another higher education institution (within the country or abroad).
Also it is a complex and multidimensional process of intellectual advancement, exchange of scientific and cultural potential and teaching technologies.

1. The students of 2-3 courses, 4 course for specialties who are studying for 5 years, 1 year master;
2. Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3. High academic performance (GPA above 3.5);
4. Fluency in a foreign language, confirmed by certificate
5. To pass the competitive selection of the faculty.

1. Application
2. A copy of the official invitation from a foreign institution of higher education;
3. Students application, according to the Order №152 of Ministry of education and Science of RoK;
4. Learning agreement, according to the Order №152 of Ministry of education and Science of RoK (IELTS, TOEFL);
5. Profile of citizen of the republic of Kazakhstan traveling abroad to study in form, according to Appendix hereto;
6. Abstract from the minutes of the faculty;
7. Transcript;
8. Recommendation letter;
9. Copy of certificates, diplomas, etc.
10. Sertificate of a foreign language (IELTS, TOEFL);
11. Individual plan (for masters);
12. Medical certificate (Form N 082).
13. Consultation with adviser;
14. Essay.

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