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Kazakh National Agrarian University participates in the Rating of the top universities in the world on the version of QS EECA (rankings QS: Emerging Europe and Central Asia) in 2015 first year of participation showed the 67 rank among the 150 universities, in 2016 shows 86 place  among 200 universities, thereby entered into top 100 universities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The full version of the rating published on the website www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/eeca-rankings/2016.
In compiling QS EECA rankings take into account the Web impact based on the Webometrics (link  www.webometrics.info), regularity of scientific publications and proportion of employees with an academic degree.
The success of the educational institution is assessed on nine criteria, among which academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, international faculty and international students, staff with a PhD, Web impact and publication activity.


In 2015-2016 academic year, Kazakh National Agrarian University took part in the annual national rating of universities and educational programs (EP) conducted by the agency "Independent agency for accreditation and rating (IAAR)". 45 educational programs participated.
The results of rating research IAAR  for 2016 were published in the national newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" number 93 dated 18 May 2016, presented in the reference book "Independent Ranking - 2016" and available on the website of IAAR (www.iaar.kz).

for Programming rating IAAR-2016 
for the directions and levels of training specialists
Rank Bachelor Magistracy  


Agricultural sciences and technology, Veterinary science and Service
I 5B080200 Technology of livestock products 6М080200 Technology of livestock products 6D080200 Technology of livestock products
5B080800 Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry 6М080800 Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry 6D080800 Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
5B120100 Veterinary Medicine 6М120100 Veterinary Medicine 6D120100 Veterinary Medicine
5B080500 Water resources and Water using 6М080500 Water resources and Water using 6D120200 Veterinary Sanitation
6М080100 Agronomy
6D080100 Agronomy
6М080700 Forest Resources and Forestry 6D080700Forest Resources and Forestry
6М090300 Land Management 6D060800 Ecology
6М080600 Agrarian Technique and Technology
II 5B120200 Veterinary Sanitation 6М120200 Veterinary Sanitation 6D080600 Agrarian Technique and Technology
5B081100 Plant Protection and Quarantine 6М081100 Plant Protection and Quarantine  
5B080100 Agronomy 6М060800 Ecology
5B080600 Agrarian Technique and Technology 6М090700 Cadastre
5B080700 Forest Resources and Forestry
5B090300 Land Management
According to the results of the national ranking IAAR were identified the TOP-50 scientists of Kazakhstan, with a high Hirsch index. From our university two scientists included in a Top - 50 of the best teaching staff of RK.
Rating of universities’ teaching staff  of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Rank Teacher
44 Gulnar S. Shabdarbayeva Kazakh National
Agrarian University
49 Damir M. Khusainov 1250
Also in 2016 the  IAAR was held  «An independent rating of universities of the  Republic of  Kazakhstan on directions and level of training specialists 2016» (among the 51 participating universities).
The ranking was carried out by four indicators: "The high concentration of talented students, teachers and researchers", "Academic Mobility", "The competitiveness of graduates", "Competitiveness of scientific publications of teachers, masters and doctoral students".
General rating of  universities on directions of preparation specialists Bachelor - Master - Doctoral studies

University Rank
Agricultural sciences  
Kazakh National
Agrarian University
Veterinary science 1
Natural Sciences 7

In March 2016, the IQAA held a ranking of the best universities of Kazakhstan and the ranking of educational programs for specialty groups. In this rating, Kazakh National Agrarian University took third place in the national ranking of the best technical universities of Kazakhstan.
National rating of the best technical universities of Kazakhstan – 2016
Name of the University Total
1. Kazakh-British Technical University 98,69
2. Karaganda State Technical University 89,47
3. Kazakh National Agrarian University 75,21
4. D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University 66,85
5. Almaty Technological University 66,45
6. International Information Technology University  64,29
7. Алматинский университет энергетики и связи 63,41
8. S.Seifullin Kazakh AgroTechnical university 59,56
9. Kazakhstan transport and communications academy named after M.Tynyshpayev 56,77
10. Zhangir khan West Kazakhstan agrarian-technical university 54,08
11. Karaganda State Industrial University 52,86
12. Rudny Industrial Institute 44,95
13. Eurasian Technological University 34,96