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Practical field training in the discipline «Veterinary hygiene and sanitation» on the basis of the branch of RSE «Kazgidromet», Almaty

Based on the agreement №17-02/01 from 14.04.2016 between NAO "Kazakh national agrarian University" and "Kazgidromet" RSE was held a practical training 3rd year students of the Veterinary faculty on the basis of the branch of RSE "Kazgidromet", Almaty. Practical classes were held under a calendar-thematic plan of the discipline "Veterinary hygiene and sanitation". During practical training students are familiarized with classic and innovative methods for determining the physico-chemical properties of atmospheric air.
The branch of RSE "Kazgidromet", Almaty is specifically authorized structural unit of the organization and implementation of hydrometeorological observations and observation environment condition on the territory of Almaty and part of Almaty region.

The main purpose of the branch is receiving reliable hydro-meteorological and environmental information attached to the state network of observation, data collection and data processing, warning of dangerous and spontaneous meteorological, agrometeorological, hydrological phenomena and extremely high levels of environmental pollution, improving the quality of hydrometeorological forecasts.

The branch of RSE "Kazgidromet", Almaty includes four major components:
• State network of observation leading to systematic observation of the state of the atmosphere, waters, land surface, crops, the condition and level of environmental pollution.
• Information and telecommunications system, which produces the collection, processing, archiving and data transfer.
• Predictive service that issue weather forecasts and ensuring that their public authorities and management, consumers at different levels and population.
• Chemical analytical laboratory performing work on the selection and analysis of samples of atmospheric air and atmospheric precipitation; analysis of samples of surface waters, soils and bottom sediments by radiometric study of samples of atmospheric precipitation, to determine the total beta activity.
Responsible teachers for the organization and conduct of practical training: the candidate of veterinary Sciences, Professor Gulmira Alpysbayeva, the candidate of veterinary Sciences,
Assoc.Professor Bakhyt Barakhov, master of veterinary science, assistant Aigul Maldybayeva, master of veterinary science, assistant Ryskeldi Bazarbayev, master of veterinary science, assistant Zhadra Kudaibergenova.