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In the students’ house No.10 “Ak kayyn” of the faculty “Water, land and forest resources” on October 22 the “Territory of honesty” was opened, where students, teachers and administrative staff can after choosing leave money in an impromptu cash desk.

The sale process occurs without the participation of the seller. On the counter of the Territory of Honesty are stationery and supplies.

Thanks to the opening of the Honesty Shop, anyone can purchase various goods, but their cost is determined by himself. In so doing, we will educate students in honesty and integrity.


This is a wonderful undertaking: now everyone can test himself or herself for honesty, which, of course, will help to cultivate morality and zero tolerance for any deception. Actually, being honest is right and cool. We want honest specialists to graduate from our university.

At the opening of the “Territory of Honesty” in the students' house, a graduate of our faculty in 2012, sponsor Askhat Maulenov and soloist of the Zhigitter band Erdos Kanaev attended. As well as the dean of the faculty K.T. Abaeva, student activists of the five faculties of the university, deputy deans M.V. Shabalina, Sh.Zh. Omarova, 1st-year adviser K.U. Askarova, curators Yu.S. Borissova, M.K. Shynybekov, S.S. Kerimbaev and students of 1-4 courses of the faculty participated at the event.