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A festive event dedicated to the Day of the First President on the topic «Елін сүйген, Елі сүйген-Елбасы»

On December 28, 2017, at the Department of Veterinary-Sanitary Expertise and Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, under the guidance of faculty and students of the  413 groups held a round table dedicated to the day of the first President. The students prepared reports and presentations about the life of the president, stopped at the highest achievements of our people in the years of independence.
During the discussion, topics such as spiritual revival, a program for young people, a program for the agricultural sector and the transition to the Latin alphabet were considered. At the celebratory event the professor of chair T.M. Zhamansarin, who shared about the role of youth and students in the prosperity of Kazakhstan, made a speech.

The purpose of the event is to promote the leader of the nation's labor path to a growing generation, how to love their Motherland and be a patriot of their people. At the end of the event were professors of the department Saduov M.S, Sahariyanov A.Zh., Zhamansarin T.M., who thanked the students for their active participation.
Teachers of the department "Veterinary and sanitary expertise and hygiene"
Burketbaeva AN., Akkozova A.S