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In 1930at the Kazakhagricultural Institutewas organized bythe Facultyof cereals (1933– field). The facultypreparedscientistsagronomists-crop growers. The first graduation of specialists with higher education – 78 – took place in 1933.This releaseis rightly considered the founder of scientificagriculturein the country.The first Deanwas ProfessorN.And. Malov (1935-1937).

The deans of faculty in the pre-war years worked by prominent scientists:

ProfessorS. I. Azev, E.B. Tabakov, V. E.Kazakov, I. G.Dyrda-Lukin.In 1963for the training of specialists in the fieldof plant protection and chemicalizationof agricultureat its basewere organized Soil-agrochemicalfaculty and Faculty of plant protection.For the preparationof soil science-agro-chemistsat the Kazakhagricultural Institutewas transferredto the Departmentof Soilbiology facultyof KazGU with 66 students. The first deansof these faculties were Meirmanov M. K., R.E.Yeleshev, Y. Gaspin. From 1988 to 1995as a result of structuralchanges, itwas renamed the Facultyof agronomia-soil scienceand plant protection. In 1996at the faculty of Agronomy was organized by theeducational-scientific-production complex, allocatedin 2003 as an independent faculty. 

The facultyhas 4departments: - "Agronomics"; "Ecology"; - "Soil science and Agrochemistry"; - "Plant protectionandquarantine". Teaching staffof the facultyconsists of 111employees, includingtwo academiciansof NAS RK,2, 29 doctorsof Sciences – professors, 41candidates of science – associate professors.The faculty preparesbachelors, mastersand doctors PhD on specialties "agronomy", "soil science and agricultural chemistry", "Horticulture", "plant Protection and quarantine", "Ecology". To date, the facultyis the leadingedu cational and scientific center of Central Asiafor crop production and environ mental protection. For studentsof the faculty lectures are delivered byrenowned scholarsfrom the USA, the Philippines,Poland, addition, teachers and under graduates, PhD faculty undergo trainingin the leading scientific centresof near and far abroad (Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, China, Russia, etc.). The faculty'sstudent house"Zhas Orda", which has allconditions forliving.
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