Событие #87 Статистика

Studying at higher education institutions abroad

For participating in the competition students must necessarily pass a language monitoring at the faculty. Students who have passed the language monitoring will be are monitored in second final stage. Have passed competition the students are obliged to bring until 31 December 2016 the following documents to the center of academic mobility (Main building 1,office 36):
  1. Application for participation
  2. Transcript
  3. Certificate of  foreign language
  4. Application of  citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan  for leaving for abroad
  5. Application  and learning agreement in 3 copies (6-7 supplement according to the order of the Minister of educational and science Republic of  Kazakhstan №152   from 20 April  2011)
  6. Confirmation letter from department on accordance of selected  curriculum of  host foreign university.
  7. Individual educational program ( For masters)
  8. Recommendation letter from department
  9. Medical certificate (approved by order of the acting Minister of Health № 907 from 23.11.2010 for leaving for abroad)
  10. Diplomas, certificates, letters of thanks (if any)
Dear students! For any questions please contact the Centre of academic mobility.
Address:  Main building, office 36,,
Phone .264-19-95