Событие #32 Статистика

Together with the Executive Board of the International Fund for saving the Aral sea in the Republic of Kazakhstan holds the International scientific-practical conference"Water conservation and water management in irrigated agriculture and pasture irrigation"

Dear Colleagues !
Kazakh National Agrarian University  in cooperation  with  the Executive Directorate of International Fund   for saving the Aral Sea in the Republic of Kazakhstan is holding an international scientific-practical conference “Water supply and water management in irrigated agriculture and irrigation of pastures” , dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the University’s foundation and the 100th anniversary of outstanding scientist of Water science of Kazakhstan, statesman Tazhibayev L.E.  on the 2-3th of  October, 2015 year.

The conference will work with sections below:
Section 1. Water conservation and integrated management of water resources.
Section 2. Irrigation and irrigated agriculrure.
Section 3. Agriculture water supply, irrigation of pastures and using renewable energy sources.
Section 4. Agroecology and environmental protection on waterworks.

Activities (projects) on realization of Action Program on providing assistance to the countries of the Aral Sea basin for the period 2011-2015 will be discussed in the sections.

Conferences languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Participants of Conference should submit to Organizing Committee the following documents:
- the application form on the attached form;
- thesises of reports, which should be according to the following requirements below;
- copy of document, confirming the  payment of participation fee.

Participation fee for the conference and publication thesises of report in the is are 2500 tenge (per report) should be transfered to the account of the Kazakh National Agrarian University.

Requisites: БИН 990240005606, АГФ АО Банк "Центр кредит", ИИК KZ518560000000011879, БИК KCJBKZKX, КБЕ-16, КНП-859. In payment order in line “Purpose of Payment” tick “For participating in conference” and point the name of the participant.

Expenses related to the participation in the Conference ( travel, meals and accommodation) implemented by participants themselves.

Materials for the conference addressed to:

050010, Almaty city, Abay 8 avenue, Kazakh National Agrarian University,

Head of department «Water resources and reclamation»

Kalybekova Esenkul Myrzageldievna (housing 7 , classroom 802)

E-mail: info@kaznau.kzyesenkul@mail.russ.ibragim@mail.ru

Phone for information: 
8 (727) 267-65-37, 
8 (727) 264-27-73, 
8 (727) 262-17-66