Событие #108 Статистика

Dear users: professors-teaching staff, PhD doctorants, magistrants and scientific researchers of the university!

The Scientific library KazNAU  and NCNTI invites you to participate on evens series of online seminars devoted of using  the platform of Web of Science and other resources of the leading world-wide  Company of  Thomson Reuters  for the research activities, from 13th to 22 of February of 2017 year.
To view the detailed information of registering  to seminars of session of interest, you can find on the website: http://wokinfo.com/russian/green button ONLINE SEMINARS on the right.
All seminars are held in Russian. Registration for seminars is required, we are sure to pass it in advance (links are available on our website). Records of previous seminars are available on the channel http://wokinfo.com/russian/

The Scientific Library