Событие #110 Статистика

XXI Student Scientific Conference


      Today the qualifying round of the traditional annual XXI Republican Student Scientific Conference was held among 1-5 courses’ students of the Veterinary Sanitation specialty of the Veterinary Faculty. The conference was attended by 43 students and staff of the  Veterinary Sanitary Expertise and Hygiene Department. The best works were selected and sent to the next stage of the conference. Scientific reports have been made in three languages. At the opening of the conference Deputy Education Dean of the Veterinary Faculty Koibagarov KU, professors Myrzabekov JB, Sagyndykov KA, Zhumageldy AA Sakhariyanov A.ZH had speeches and told their wishes to students. All presented at the conference research works were relevant and interesting. Each report was discussed and praised by the department staff and students.

Head of  the  Veterinary Sanitary Expertise
and Hygiene Department, PhD                                                                K.Alikhanov