Academic mobility

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Academic Mobility - is moving of students or teachers - researchers to study or research for a particular academic period: semester or a year at another higher education institution (within the country or abroad). Also, it is a complex and multidimensional process of intellectual advancement, exchange of scientific and cultural potential, resources, technology training.

1. The students of 2-3 courses, 4 course for specialties who are studying for 5 years, 1 year master;
2. Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3. High academic performance (GPA above 3.5);
4. Fluency in a foreign language, confirmed by certificate
5. To pass the competitive selection of the faculty.

1. Application
2. A copy of the official invitation from a foreign institution of higher education;
3. Students application, according to the Order №152 of Ministry of education and Science of RoK
4.Learning agreement, according to the Order №152 of Ministry of education and Science of RoK
5. Abstract from the minutes of the faculty;
7.Sertificate of a foreign language;
8.Individual plan;
9.Medical certificate (Form N 082).

Almaty city, 8, Abay avenue, off. 36 Phone. 8 (727) 264-19-95

External  mobility

Exchange students may apply for enrollment through the mobility coordinators of their home universities. For additional information the students are welcome to contact directly the Center of Academic Mobility and International educational programs of KazNAU.

An applicant must send the scanned copies of the required documents via e-mail and the originals by post:

  1. Completed application and learning agreement form download
  2. Official transcript
  3. Recommendation letter from the university
  4. Copy of passport
  5. 4 photos 3x4
The application deadline for the Spring Semester is November 20, for the Fall Semester is June 20.
 There is no tuition fee for  Exchange Program students

Head of the Centre of academic mobility and international educational programs Zhanar Zhyltyrova

Our address:
Казахстан, 050010 г. Алматы, ул. Абая, 8 (Международный отдел) ПН-ПТ с 9 00 до 18 00.